Hunting with Golden Eagles

In far Western Mongolia lies the province of Bayan-Olgii, a landscape dominated by the permanently snow-capped peaks of the Mongol Altai Nuruu. This region is ethnically Kazakh and its peoples share a culture with neighboring Kazakhstan. During the winter months, when animals coats are at their finest, nomadic herders of Bayan Olgii practice the ancient art of hunting fox and other small animals using Golden Eagles - a tradition passed down from father to son and all but lost in other parts of the world.

This traditional form of hunting is experiencing a renaissance in Bayan Olgii since the fall of communism in the early 1990's. Karakorum Expeditions is proud to offer visitors the opportunity to join with local herders and learn their ancient art from the rigorous training that young birds receive, through to the excitement of witnessing the hunt. Over one week in Bayan Olgii we will live with the Kazakh nomads, in comfortable heated gers (yurts) and witness first hand the fascinating skills of trainer and bird.

Dates 2016

Winter months           



December through March



4 – 6 persons


A fascinating cultural journey in witness of the ancient spirit between man and raptor, which will appeal to people with a keen interest in the ethnic traditions of Central Asia.

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