Biking with Nomads

Many say that to experience Mongolia is to ride a horse – yet – to travel by bicycle through this land one experiences the vastness and freedom of the steppes with its living Nomadic culture – and bicycles do not run away at night nor need to eat! Local herders love to ride bikes, and will swap a ride on their favourite horse for a mountain bike ride with no hesitation!

On these mountain biking trips we dive into the Mongolian countryside and enjoy the freedom of the rolling steppe by bike. Our treks start in Ulaanbaatar, then over one or two weeks journey through classic grasslands of Tov aimag before swinging north to culminate in forests and mountains of the Khan Khentii National Park. The treks are fully supported with back-up vehicle, tents, food and trek staff so that we can travel light. Our fleet of Trek alloy 24-speed bikes is rearing to go - no need to bring your bike!

Dates 2016

Dates June through August    
  1 and 2 week departures    
Group 6 – 10 persons    

For the active traveller wanting to dive handlebars first into the Mongolian countryside Biking with Nomads is a superb trip – highly recommended!

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