Altai Tavan Bogd - 5 Holy Peaks

In far Western Mongolia lie the Altai Mountains the habitat of Lynx, Argarli sheep and the elusive Snow Leopard. In the remotest corner are the highest peaks, the Tavan Bogd range and Mongolia’s longest glacier the Potanii Glacier which stretches 19km. On this Mountaineering trip we climb Mt Nairandal (Friendship - 4,202m 13,790ft) which marks the intersection of the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian borders, and for those with experience we have a crack at climbing the highest peak in Mongolia Mt Khuiten (Cold - 4374m 14,350ft). The journey to base camp gives us plenty of opportunity to meet the local Kazakh herders of this region. From base camp there are great opportunities for day hikes for those with less of an inclination to climb.

Dates 2016

Trekking and Mountaineering



June through July



4 – 10 persons


Where else in the world can you wander across the Russian border without a visa! Great climbing and hiking in an undiscovered corner of the world.

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